Yoozoo Turkey was founded in 2019 on an aim to deliver high quality gaming experience for gamers in MENA from Istanbul. We started our journey in 2010 with the vision of planting seeds for the future..

YOOZOO Turkey aims to publish top notch games for the region of Turkey and MENA with the know-how of YOOZOO’s successful international expansion strategy. Our local team is filled with like-minded individuals who are passionate about games, technology, and their work. We constantly aim to increase player satisfaction in Turkey and MENA through providing the best local operation service. While we're focused on players in MENA region, we publish top-notch games internationally, which strengthens YOOZOO’s international expansion strategy. While we are focusing on players in MENA region, we publish games around the world, which enrich our expertise in targeting EMEA market with higher potential and broader audience.


  • 2018

  • 2019

  • 2020

  • 2018 January - Yoozoo Games Turkey Office opened.
  • Valhalla Online published.
    The best partner award was given to the head of Yoozoo interactive Co. in Turkey and the award was from Huawei mobile services.
    The KoF '98 Ultimate Match - Web Edition OPEN BETA
    In the beginning of this month. There were a Networking Gaming Party Event organized by Oyunder, powered by Enrich Games at Vodafone Park where many game developers, investors, publishers and media were there discussing about the previous year games performance and sharing some thoughts for what can 2020 brings.
  • TechWomenClub Event